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Hosting, Domain & Web Design Misconceptions Part 1

It’s amazing how often I hear “oh I wish I knew that” or “Oh no I was told xyz”.

I spend a lot of time answering emails from people who are confused about information they are given and it seems that increasingly people are being given incorrect information about hosting, domain registration and design. To help break down these issues I will be, in the next few months addressing some of the common misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Sadly this misinformation often leads to people spending exorbitant amounts of money for something that should be very affordable, buying products they do not require or even being left with a site that is not good for SEO or readers that has cost them a small fortune.

If there is something you would like cleared up or there is something that has you totally confused then leave a comment here or email admin [at] and we will include it in our posts.


  1. I can be the queen of all dumb questions when it comes to domains, hosting etc.

    I have 2 for you today…..:)

    When I sign in where do I find the cpanel. I have been having to go to my emails to access it. Its probably right infront of me but i cant find it.

    Number 2. I have set up a new email account. Now how do i actually see my emails?
    What is webmail and the 3 options it gives you how do you know which one is best for you?

    Thanks Kris

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I am a personal blogger who is not sure what the next step for my blog should be. I would like it look ‘pretty’ but dont know how to do it without paying a lot of money for a website I may not need. I also blog with blogger (which I do actually like) but how hard is it to migrate to wordpress where I can go further with my blog if I decide too. And would you recommend this?

    thanks for taking the time to answer our questions


  3. . I would like it look ‘pretty’ but dont know how to do it without paying a lot of money for a website I may not need. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. I guess a lot of people would definitely need this for their own sites and i am hoping it can help me too.. Anyway, great job!

  5. Thanks for your realization about the users problem. Also thanks for your nice step like answering the question. I’m looking forward for your next step.

  6. I want to know that is really cheap hosting don’t gives better result? I want to know about the problems of cheap hosting. Thanks.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing. I would like to know if there are any cheap hosting services with good speeds.

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