We have been doing a lot of writing lately about site protection and security and for good reason. Increasingly we are being contacted by people who are concerned that their site has been compromised and asking us if we can look into it for them. We are being contacted by a few clients but the majority are non LHH/LHD clients. Thankfully we have been able to help them secure their sites but it can be a long, tedious and expensive process so we have come up with an exciting solution.

If you own a website of any kind then you need to think about the security of yourself and those that visit your website. As we recently posted whatever the hack and its effect, it’s a scary time and heart in your mouth scenario.

So you are thinking that it can’t happen to you. Think that your website cant be hacked, then think again. It is highly likely that your website has been hacked or at the very least it is able to be compromised.  I am sure that you have Security on your home/business pc, so why not have it on your website, afterall your website is what potential clients will see and take a first impression from..

Speak to Michelle from Little Hero Hosting about Sucuri. It is a monitoring service which reports on you website about changes to DNS, whois, SSL and any website changes as well as malicious coding which could leave your site compromised or exposed.

Can you really afford not to be monitored, I’m not taking the risk!

Mark Bradbrook, Owner of My IT Guy Australia with over 20 years in the IT industry with an IT Security Focus.

Little Hero Hosting has partnered up with Sucuri to give site owners peace of mind, for a small amount per year your site can be monitored and any security threats fixed without you having to worry about anything.

Tina from www.tinagray.me recently found herself with a hack on not 1 but 2 of her sites. The first we were able to clean manually but the second we couldn’t find the malicious coding anywhere. We set Tina up with one of our security plans and the issue was resolved in less than half an hour!

This is what Tina recently had to say:

You know how TGDM was hacked the other week? And the lovely Michelle from Little Hero Hosting fixed it all up for me while I was in the corner rocking in a foetal position?

Well she has now partnered up with Sucuri to offer bloggers affordable security scanning and I signed up. What this means is that TGDM gets scanned every three hours for any malware. It doesn’t mean that my blog will never get infected again. But it DOES mean that if any malicious code is found, it will be removed quickly without it compromising my files and plugins.

Definitely worth it, I think. Especially since my blog IS my business.

With LHH & Sucuri your site is scanned every 3 hours and checked for malicious code, if a threat is found the malicious code is removed quickly and safely. If your site is clean fantastic, we will then continue to monitor your site with scheduled scans are run every 3 hours and if any compromise is found we will remove the offending code and clean your site.

Security scanning is available for any site, a blog, shopping cart, database, CMS. If your site uses  HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Joomla then it can be scanned and cleared.

After my blog was compromised last year I was very worried about unauthorised changes and/or being hacked again, the thought of losing all I worked so hard for these past 2,5 years was on my mind all the time. The internet can be a scary thing and sadly there are many nasty people out there who enjoy ruining other people’s hard work. I had no idea what to look for and even though I try to take all the necessary precautions you never know what goes behind the scenes.
When I head about Little Hero Hosting and Sucuri I straight away liked it, knowing my website is being checked every 3 hours is very reassuring. It is a worry off my mind knowing Sucuri picks up on any little thing that shouldn’t be there. Sucuri is very affordable, imagine what it would cost you to get help from an expert if your website was hacked. It could take hours, even days for it to be repaired (if at all) and that would mean a costly bill. I’d rather pay a few dollars every month and not have to worry at all. – Simone – Hip Little One

As an opening special we have dropped the prices down from our already low prices. Normally priced directly through Sucuri at $89.99 for one site per year but we have secured lower prices.

Until 11pm Fri 16th March 2012 AEST we will be selling packages for:

$50 annually or $5.00 Monthly

After Friday prices will be reverted back to our normal discounted price of :

$60 annually or $5.50 Monthly

Multiple site discounts are available for those wanting to protect 3 or more sites so please email to enquire.

After seeing how many blogs had been hacked into recently, I was worried for the safety of my own.
My blog is a space that holds stories (and pictures) of my children and the thought of losing those to an insidious virus planted in my code, or simply just being locked out of my blog, was frightening.
Now I feel like my blog, and the information stored there about my family, is safe. The regular scanning and monitoring means that even if by chance something or someone does get into my blog, it will be picked up and rectified quickly. Daisy – Daisy Roo and Two

As part of our opening special we are holding a competition as well.

To win a years worth of FREE monitoring simply do the following:

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Competition is open to both existing and non existing LHH clients.
Competition closes 11pm Fri 16th March 2012 AEST
Winner will be randomly drawn by www.random.org
Winners will be announced on the LHH Facebook page and Little Hero Hosting’s Blog

If the winner has already purchased a plan the year will be added to their next invoice date.

To order your LHH & Sucuri package go to Order Form & click product add-ons to order. To read more about our security plans go Here