New Look BlogIf you have been to Little Hero Hosting has in the last 2-3 weeks you would have noticed that the site has undergone a major facelift and I’m pleased to say that the feedback has been nothing but supportive and glowing.

As part of this change we have put the old blog into maintenance mode and migrated everything over to the new look to keep it all streamlined and looking professional. It is very different to the old blog and it is taking some getting used to on our part but I’m sure you’ll agree it is a change for the better. We know some of our previous posts are a mess but we are working on cleaning it all up.

As part of this change the team and I are wanting to try and get at least 2-3 blog posts up a week, if there is something you want to know or have questions you think others may like to know as well then please leave a comment below. We have quite a few subjects we are planning to discuss but we would like to cater to our readers needs.

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