WordPress Protection Tips

WordPress Protection Tips
There has been so many reports of WordPress sites being hacked and compromised in the blogging community lately.  Imagine what Nikki and Tina went through when they discovered issues with their blogs. Blogs which are a source of income and business, their livelihood.

Imagine going to your blog as normal to find that […]

LHH/LHD Catch up

The New Year is flying past at an alarming rate so it’s time we gave you an update on all the things happening with LHD & LHH. We will endeavour to post updates regularly and will expand on the below items later but here are some brief insights into what we have been doing.

Little […]

LHH’s brand new server #2

Throughout the holiday season, the Little Hero Hosting team has been working hard on some new developments.

2011 has been a year of expansion for LHH.

Our client  base has grown, as has our support for the online community, and as this post is being written, we are expanding our capabilities as a hosting company.

As part […]

Scheduled Maintenance Completed.

Our scheduled maintenance as mentioned here is completed and all services are running normally. Maintenance was completed within half an hour.

Thank you for your patience.

Announcement – Outage Scheduled

This afternoon scheduled maintenance will be run on the server to replace RAM. While there has been no downtime recently we are wanting to upgrade to avoid any potential issues. During Oct there was 2 instances where the server rebooted itself and while there have been no reboots in over a month we are […]