Customer Feedback

New look LHH Logo and Banner

You may or may not have noticed that as of today LHH has a bit of a new look. After feedback from some men we have decided to make our look a bit less “girly girl” and make it into something that is more appealing to a wider audience.

The butterflies have gone and have been […]

Feedback on topics to cover

We are looking for some feedback from our customers and readers.

Would you appreciate our blog and Facebook page posting information about topics such as:



What to look for when choosing hosting
What hosting & domains actually are
How hosting and domains link together
What the items under packages mean?
The dangers and pitfulls with hosting
The important things you should […]

Live Chat?

I was recently having a discussion with a long term customer about the support services we offered. The customer said she would love to see live chat support implemented on LHH. It’s something we have talked about before but have never implemented.

Is Live Chat support something you use would like to see or would […]