Hints & Tips

Backup your website, what you need to know!

I’m constantly amazed at the amount of people who tell me they don’t have backup’s of their websites, worse still they don’t even know they should be backing up on a regular basis or if their web host even provides backup’s if all else fails.

How many times have you heard, “my sites been hacked, […]

Blogger to WordPress Migration – Design & Hosting Perspective

A lot of bloggers have been making the jump from Blogger (Blogspot) or WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress.

I have had a lot of queries about moving from a hosting and design point of view so I thought I would address some of the common questions, concerns, misconceptions and important things you should know before making […]

How do you email?

In follow up to my recent post about custom emails I thought I would quickly touch on a subject that is important with emails, business and professionalism. I have had various discussions with other business owners and know I am not alone with my thoughts on the subject so thought I would write about […]

Tip – Custom Email Address

Email Tip: Custom Email Address
So many businesses and bloggers spend enormous amounts of time making their websites perfect but when it comes to communicating with clients and potential clients they often overlook the importance of a domain email. A domain email address is one that uses the domain name after the @ such as […]

Tip – Domain Renewals

Tip of the day:
If you have a domain registered and it’s due to expire, don’t forget to pay for the renewal before the expiry date so you don’t have any down time.
If you are a Little Hero Hosting customer we send out domain expiry notices 60, 30, 15, 7 and 1 day/s before your […]