Aug 15th Credit card facility issues resolved

We have had ongoing issues with our credit card facilities but these are now resolved. 

If you are experiencing any difficulties please open a support ticket via your client control panel.

LHH Team

Mar 6th Minago server move Sun March 5th March 2017 completed

The server moved has been completed, but we are still ironing out a few issues. Feedback so far has been extremely positive with clients reporting faster loading times.If you are experiencing any difficulties please open a support ticket via your client control panel. Thank you for your ... Читать далі »

Mar 4th Minago server move Sun March 5th March 2017

Sun March 5th March 2017 starting at 10pm AEST server Minago will be moved to a brand new, faster server in Sydney and is expected to take a few hours. We understand that moving can be inconvenient but we are committed to providing the best service we can to all clients. There is some small chance that your site will take time to "propagate" ... Читать далі »

Feb 24th Minago MySQL Issues

As a lot of you know we have been having issues with one of our servers “Minago” since the weekend. Initially it was discovered that an auto update had issues and we were given a patch the tech teams at Cloudlinux. Unfortunately, we are now facing the issue that the socket php uses to connect to mysql keeps deleting itself. We are able to ... Читать далі »

Nov 15th Support Tickets

Our support ticket system just went into overdrive and imported quite a few emails and converted them into support tickets. We have deleted them all and apologise for any confusion caused.

Oct 23rd DDOS under control

All services have been returned to normal. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Oct 23rd DDOS Attack

We're currently mitigating a large scale ddos to many of our servers worldwide, expect slightly higher load times in the meantime. It will be back as soon as we can get it under control.

Jun 28th Server "Hawk", "LHH4", and "Rocko" are undergoing daily maintenence

Hawk, LHH4 and Rocko seem to be taking a bit longer than usual to perform Daily Maintenence, this may mean a slight bit of delay on your websites. We just wanted to let you know that all is normal.

Jun 27th Server "Bluey" Database Issues

Server "Bluey" is currently under going some technical difficulties which are currently being investigated.

Jun 26th Server "Hawk" Load Issues

Hello, we are currently investigating reports of our server Hawk getting high latency and dropped packets. We are currently investigating this matter.

We appreciate your patience as we figure out these matters.



Little Hero Hosting team