15 Reasons Why Our Support Is Superior

  1. We listen, no matter what the issue is, we won't cut you off, we will not overlook your problem, we give our full attention soley to you.
  2. We're transparent, if there's an issue on our end, you'll be the first to know what's wrong, and we'll keep you updated along the way.
  3. We take things personally, if we leave you dissatisfied, it sticks with us. We lose sleep, constantly thinking of YOU.
  4. We pledge NEVER to give One-Word Answers, no replies to your messages as "okay" or "sure", we want you to know, we care about everything you have to say, and we're not going to leave you with regrets.
  5. We don't assume things, we don't give thoughts out for cents, we give cold-hard facts. If we don't know what's going on, we make sure we find out, because nobody likes a rumor.
  6. We don't procrastinate, we want to get the problem solved as soon as possible, and we're not going to put you on a wait-list. We're here to solve the problem NOW.
  7. We strive for uptime, your site should be up and running, after all, that is why we work together, right?
  8. We want to have fun, why should talking to our support representatives feel like talking to a cold robot? We are here for you! Don't be surprised when we sound happy to hear from you.
  9. We adapt, why should it sound like the same old record when talking to us? Simple answer, it shouldn't!
  10. We promise, we're out to fufill our promises, leave no customer behind!
  11. We communicate, why should you be stuck behind a firewall of communication? We're here to find better ways of communicating with our customers every day.
  12. We believe in equality, we will never prefer the high-roller over the money-saver. We treat our customers equally, leaving them satisfied everytime.
  13. We invest in support, a large majority of our profits goes directly to our support team. So much in fact, we're working in the darkness sometimes to save power!
  14. We believe in privileges, you'll never hear us escalating the issue, and this is because we want to keep response times low!
  15. We guarantee our 24x7 support, we don't have support downtimes like most hosting providers. When we say 24/7, we mean it!
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