How Do I Access The cPanel?

To access the cPanel:

There are three main ways of accessing your cPanel:

Method One (Through the Server):

Method Two (Through the Domain):
After your domain propagates to our server, you can reach your cPanel via your Domain.
  • Navigate your web browser to the url (substituting yourdomain with the domain you purchased) and using your supplied username & password.
    Propagation can take up to 48 hours for your domain to resolve.
Method Three (Through the Client Page):
  • Navigate your web browser to
  • Make sure there is https and a lock next to the URL.
    This will prevent anyone from sniffing out your password, thus preventing hacks on your website!

Your account information can be found in the Account Setup Confirmation Email that was sent to you when your account was initially setup. If you did not receive the Welcome Email, please contact us by Opening a Ticket and we will send it to the contact email address listed on the hosting account.
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