How do I setup Windows Live Mail?

Download Windows Live Essentials here:

After opening the file, you will be asked, "What do you want to install?" Click "Choose the programs you want to install"

Next you will be asked what programs to install, uncheck everything but Mail.

After it is installed, you will need to open it manually. In Windows 7, press Start and type "Live Mail" in the box. In Windows 8, press Start and type "Windows Live" and a Search prompt will appear.

When opening, you will be presented with a Services Agreement. You will need to accept it to continue.

After opening, it will ask you to Add an Email Account.

Set the following options before you continue:
Email address: (This will be the e-mail address you added in cPanel)
Password: (This will be the password you added in cPanel)
You may tick "Remember this password" to allow automatic mail retrieval.
Display name for your sent messages: (This will be what you want recipients to see when you send mail. This can be your name or the name of the business.)
Tick "Manually configure server settings"

Click Next.

The next page will ask for you to Configure server settings.

Incoming server information:
Server type: IMAP
Server address: (This will be your server address your cPanel is hosted on. Ex:
Port: 993
Tick "Requires a secure connection (SSL)"
Authenticate using: Clear text
Logon user name: (This will be the e-mail address you added in cPanel)

Outgoing server information:
Server address: (This will be your server address your cPanel is hosted on. Ex:
Port: 465
Tick "Requires a secure connection (SSL)"
Tick "Requires authentication"

Click Next, then Finish.

When you first connect, it will say "The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that could not be verifed." Click Yes.
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