About Us

Little Hero Hosting started in May 2007 as a result of frustration and need. Our Parent business Little Hero Designs (LHD) found that an incredible number of our clients were “lost” and confused when it came to their options in the hosting world. Clients were being misled and we often heard how they were “just a number in a system”. We were hearing so many reports of website owners being trapped into contacts and not understanding what they really needed. LHD created LHH with the aim to provide user friendly, affordable and reliable hosting and domain services while retaining our personal communication with clients.

Little Hero Hosting is proving that you don’t need to pay a 2nd mortgage to receive honest, reliable and supported service. Our prices are not the cheapest you will find but our support and understanding of our clients are 2nd to none.

With a passion for providing customer focused services we break down the mystery behind running your own website.

Little Hero Hosting is owned & directed by Michelle, a wife & Mother to 5 including twins who are just 4 years old! She is passionate about helping people realise their dreams and puts 150% into the businesses. It’s not unusual to find her working away at 2am just so she can finalise something.

Through sheer hard work and determination, Michelle has been thrilled to see Little Hero Hosting grow and has loved being able to add a fast growing network of staff.

Our Name

The team at LHH are often asked why the name “Little Hero” and for years we have never really publicised it to a “wider audience” but so many people ask us, even in support tickets so we have decided to share. It explains why Michelle aims for such a high standard and makes sure her staff shares her own values of customer service.

Little Hero Hosting is named after a very special little boy Lachlan or Lachie Dan by those who know & love him. Lachie died just 25 days after he was born due to a rare heart condition and it was in his honour Little Hero Designs and Little Hero Hosting were made & named. Lachie was his families Little Hero for fighting so hard despite the odds & for overcoming so many obstacles in his short life. Even before he died, he was dubbed by all who loved him “Our Little Hero”.

It is in Lachie’s honour that Michelle has created Little Hero Designs, Little Hero Hosting & Little Hero Network.

Slowly but surely Michelle has been “turning her own dreams into reality”

We are proud to provide our services and treat all our clients as real people and offer that personal touch. The success of our service is seen with our very 1st client from 2007 still being with us today and the amount of clients we gain from word of mouth.