Blogger to WordPress Migrations

A lot of bloggers have been making the jump from Blogger (Blogspot) or to self-hosted WordPress. With Blogger giving only limited control to blog owners most serious bloggers outgrow the limitations of Blogger and soon find themselves wanting to move to self-hosted WordPress.

b2wpWe receive a large number of enquiries each week about migration with most bloggers not knowing where to start or more importantly what is required to move properly. It is a common misconception that pretty much anyone can do a migration and what is actually involved so it is vital that you use someone who has experience with migrations and has an understanding of MYSQL. Sadly all too often we have had to fix and “rescue” migrations where images are not imported, often resulting in missing images on the new blog and readers being re-directed to blogger when clicking on an image.

Please when considering a migration service ask the migrator if they have the knowledge and expertise to move all of your images onto  your hosts server. If this does not happen you run the risk of your images being irrevocably deleted forever by Blogger leaving broken links and images on your new site. If images are not moved and left directing to blogger then those clicking your images will be taken off your site.

We offer a full and comprehensive migration service from both blogger and to self-hosted WordPress. We have migrated more than 50 blogs in the last six months alone!

Our blogger to WordPress Migration package includes:

WordPress Install and setup

All posts




Updating of internal url’s and file paths

Redirection from old blog to new blog

Updating of permalinks

*We make no guarantee we can migrate Intense Debate or Disqus comments

Depending on your needs we can also help you transfer your:


Google Analytics

Networked blogs

*extra charges are incurred for these services

Popular Plugins that are often requested which can be added to your package include (but not limited to):


Social Media buttons

Comment Luv

Stat Counter

Migrations typically can take anywhere from 2 hours to over a day depending on factors such as images and costs are outlined below:

Under 150 posts $175

151-300 posts $200

301 -500 posts $225

501-750 posts $250

751-1000 posts $300

If you have over 1000 posts please contact us for a custom quote.

To read more on migration’s you may be interested in reading our very popular article on the blog. If you are ready to make the leap from blogger to WordPress and need our help with the migration please contact us.

**All prices exclude GST and will be added at checkout.

**Please note that migrations DO NOT include design and formatting of posts once migrated over.