Guest Post – Allowing Apple and Blackberry to be fruits again


Last week I had one of those “do as I say, not as I do” moments with my 8 year old daughter, resulting in me being on the receiving end of one of those looks that only 8 year olds can impart so impeccably.  She was flitting from one activity to another and not really getting much done in terms of getting ready for school.  I told her to focus on her before school “to-do” list and once that was done, then she could focus on something she enjoyed until it was time to go.  I said this as I was preparing lunches, while listening to another child learn to read, checking on the progress of her siblings, occasionally checking the emails on my phone and popping out to put discarded laundry in the washing machine.  Hmmmm.

Now I must confess to reading blogs about lifestyle and organization in the same spirit that most people watch Masterchef… with a combination of awe, inspiration and longing.  I always internally decree that this is the week that I will be just like that… but somehow it never comes to fruition.  The “do as I say, not as I do” moment was when I knew something had to change.  The bitter fruit always falls before the ripe.

Remember when Apple and Blackberry were simply fruits?  No, me either.  Which is why I recently made the decision to turn off the laptop, put my phone in a separate room and focus on the children and getting things done for large chunks of the day.  I have read before about the inefficiency of checking your email several times per day… the time waiting for the screen to load, then waiting again after you accidentally press the wrong icon and need to wait for it to reload, then heading back to the page you wanted in the first place.  Then you are completely absorbed in your emails for a moment.  And while you are there you may as well check in with Twitter and Facebook, right?  I timed it the other day.  A “quick check” of my phone took 7 minutes.  And then my mind was occupied by how to respond to those pressing matters while the toast slowly turned to charcoal in the toaster, setting off the fire alarm.  Again.

By allocating specific times that I can work on my computer undistracted and governed by “to do” lists, I have found that I’ve been getting more done in less time… and spending less time floating aimlessly around the blogosphere.

Now, just to clarify, this will be my one and only foray into the field of lifestyle blogging because there are people out there doing a much better job than I could ever hope to do.  And if I hadn’t been obsessively reading them for so long, then I wouldn’t have been so inspired to make the changes that I have.  “He that would have fruit must climb the tree”, as Thomas Fuller would say.   And continue to climb I will do, with my favourite lifestyle bloggers holding the ladder.

But for now I’m going to celebrate by baking apple and blackberry muffins.   Preferably from a packet mix.  But if not, I’ll give the real deal a shot because my confidence is bolstered and I now seem to have more time.  Besides, I love the symbolism of letting apples and blackberries be nothing more, or less, than sweet fruits every now and then.

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Do you struggle with technology like Misha? Do you find yourself still on an electronic device or social media a few hours after the “quick check”?

For me I find that I can’t just simply turn everything off and walk away because there is always someone needing support or a crisis averted and I’m “on call” most of the time.

What are your strategies for managing social networking, business needs or reading blogs? 

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