Security Packages

Do you own a website and concerned about it being hacked or compromised? There are many ways a website can be hacked through vulnerabilities you may not even be aware of which leaves you and others at risk.

Hacks come in a variety of forms, from stealing your login details and locking you out of your site to redirecting your readers to a 3rd party website which then downloads viruses and keylogging trojans into their computer. Below are just some of the ways your site may be acting after a security breach:

Malicious software being installed on your visitor’s computer.

An excessive amount of unwanted comments and ugly spam links.

Being labelled and blacklisted by search engines as a dangerous website. When a search engine visitor clicks on the link to your website, they are sent to a web page that says, “Warning – visiting this website may harm your computer!”

Having parts or all of your site being completely wiped out.

Whatever the hack and its effect, it’s a scary time and heart in your mouth scenario. To help site owners feel secure and clean up any mess, Little Hero Hosting is working with Sucuri to bring you affordable and reliable scanning of your website.

Don’t wait until it is to late and someone is affected by your site, let Little Hero Hosting & Sucuri give you peace of mind that your site is malware free with monitoring and scheduled scans which are run every 3 hours. If any compromise is found we will remove the offending code and clean your site. We offer professional malware clean up without the hassle. No need for extra burden on your resources, we do it all for you!

Available for any site, HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Joomla etc

Normally priced directly through Sucuri at $199.99 for one site per year but we have secured lower prices.

  • Security Monitoring
  • $16995+gstyearly
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Questions about LHH & Sucuri

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If I am no longer a LHH customer, can I still use your Sucuri package?
If my site is infected will I know?
If a scan finds an issue will LHH let me know?
If my site is infected what do I need to do?
Why do I need to provide my FTP details?
Will there be any file or data loss?
Can I be guaranteed that my site/s are going to be 99% safe?
Do you offer discounts for multiple sites?