How do you email?

In follow up to my recent post about custom emails I thought I would quickly touch on a subject that is important with emails, business and professionalism. I have had various discussions with other business owners and know I am not alone with my thoughts on the subject so thought I would write about […]

Tip – Custom Email Address

Email Tip: Custom Email Address
So many businesses and bloggers spend enormous amounts of time making their websites perfect but when it comes to communicating with clients and potential clients they often overlook the importance of a domain email. A domain email address is one that uses the domain name after the @ such as […]

LHH Emails

From time to time we get feedback saying “you never replied to my emails” I can assure you we spend a lot of time answering emails but some seem to get that lovely tag we call “spam”.

Please make sure that your Little Hero Hosting Emails are not going to your spam box and put […]

New packages available now!

As the title of this entry suggests we have newly created accounts for everyone. After doing some “market research” we have decided that there is a need for a wider range of accounts so we are pleased to announce new blog & email packages at very reasonable prices for everyone.

The blog accounts are amazingly […]