affiliateEarn 10% of all referred customer’s hosting!

Low $100 payout!

Receive your 10% for as long as the referral is active

Receive credit towards your own hosting

No lengthy waiting for your payments

What do I earn?

For every new customer you send to Little Hero Hosting you will earn 10% of the package they purchase upon payment.

What do I get Paid?

Payout for affiliates is when your account reaches $100 which you can use as credit towards your own hosting costs.

How do I get Paid?

When your account reaches $100 we will contact you to organise payment as a credit into your Little Hero Hosting account.

How does an affiliate account work?

When you register with us you are supplied with a banner and link to place on your site, blog, forum, newsletters etc. This banner will link to Little Hero Hosting with your unique affiliate code and when anyone clicks on your banner and purchases a hosting package your account will be credited.

Can I keep track of people who have signed up?

Log into your Little Hero Hosting account and click on support & then affiliates. You will see the amount of people you have referred as well as your current balances. Our system sends out emails once a month with your affiliate status.

Where can I put the banner & link?

You are free to place the banner wherever you would like, the choice is yours. Remember though, the more prominent the banner is the more likely people are to see it and click on it.

Can anyone be an affiliate?

At this stage only our clients can be a Little Hero Hosting Affiliate, affiliates must have an active hosting account with us. If for some reason you leave Little Hero Hosting your affiliate account will be terminated and all earnings forfeited.

How do I sign up?

Sign up is FREE and only takes a few moments. If you are already a client of LHH log into your hosting account & click affiliate.

*Affiliate is only in conjunction with hosting packages and not domains or design and does not include VPS packages.