How to backup your blogger or blogspot blog

How to backup your blogger or blogspot blog
I wrote an article on backing up your website but had a lot of requests from people asking how to back up their blogger blogs.

Amazingly a lot of people tend to think that their blog hosted on Google Blogger/Blogspot doesn’t need to be backed up because it […]

How to BackUp Your Website

How to backup your website
Recently I wrote a blog post on how important backing up your website is and there was a huge response both on the blog and emails with clients and non clients not realise the importance of backups or even how to back up. I’m totally amazed at how many people […]

Backup your website, what you need to know!

I’m constantly amazed at the amount of people who tell me they don’t have backup’s of their websites, worse still they don’t even know they should be backing up on a regular basis or if their web host even provides backup’s if all else fails.

How many times have you heard, “my sites been hacked, […]