I have been doing a lot of thinking & soul searching about where I want to take LHH & what my dreams for the business are. In the last 15 months since we “launched” I have to say we have done pretty well but me being me isn’t happy with the “status quo” & want to go bigger & better. Naturally in this business customers come & go as their website changes need so it’s an ever changing environment.

It’s a tough competitive industry that we are involved in & to get that edge on fellow hosts isn’t an easy thing to achieve. The gurus always say start with small achievable goals & work upwards from there, in the past this has always worked well for me so I don’t see why LHH is any different.

So here is my goal…….by the end of 2008 I would like to increase my active customers by 20 at least. So lets do the maths on this & see if it’s possible.

We are in mid Aug so we have just over 4 months left to achieve this….hmm not that easy really is it? So that’s 4 customers a month if we include the remainder of Aug. In all honestly I do not know if this is possible or not but I am going to give it a damn good try!

It leaves one question doesn’t it, just how do I plan to achieve this?

Well today I signed & approved a (reasonably expensive) add in a local directory that is both hard copy & online. It’s a huge gamble but you don’t know until you try right? I am just hoping & praying it works. If it does then I can celebrate and party, if not well then I know not to go down that path again.

I have also been doing some advertising on Facebook feel free to go & add yourself as a fan.

I will be doing a lot more research on things such as Adwords, might be an option for the future but am undecided as of yet.

Stay tuned & wish me luck!