So many bloggers want to make the move from or blogspot to self-hosted wordpress ( but have been worried about the move or have been scared after reading and seeing the horror stories out there. Little Hero Hosting spend a lot of time helping migrate to self hosted wordpress and sadly we have seen a lot of horror stories from DIY and had to do what we now call a migrate rescue.

Little Hero Hosting was approached by Kevin from The Illiterate Infant and asked us if we would help him out. After talking to Kevin we decided that it made good sense for him to write a post series that document his journey and experience. Over the next few weeks Kevin will be writing about his experiences which he has called “Is it time for your blog to grow up?

 Over the coming weeks I’m going to be blogging about… blogging. Specifically about my journey moving from to (or self hosted WordPress). I’m going to have some help along the way from the lovely people over at Little Hero Hosting who will be helping me out with the move. This posting series is in someways sponsored because they’re providing me a lot of the transfer support in return for me documenting the journey.

Kevin The Illiterate Infant

If you’ve ever wanted to take the plunge but are nervous, reading Kevin’s migration series might help you decide if moving is right for you.